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Working with Morgan has been an absolute pleasure. His design sense, empathy for the user, and the love and care for the design craft is absolutely unique. I loved every minute of working with him, from long deep discussions about the very core elements of our mission to the creative brainstorming on specific design ideas. Morgan is simply an extraordinary designer and a person I hope to keep working with on creative projects for the rest of my life.
- Hubert Palan, Co-Founder & CEO, Productboard
Morgan and his team have done an incredible job designing products and brands for a handful of my portfolio companies. I always know they'll deliver world-class work that's usable and beautiful.
- Kevin Hartz, Co-Founder of Eventbrite, Xoom, and prolific investor
I've worked with Morgan across multiple companies and multiple projects over the past 8+ years (such as Dropbox and a number of smaller startups). Morgan has an incredibly wide array of talents -- from UX to visual design, motion design, illustration, you name it -- that he brings to bear to create truly delightful products. Count yourself lucky if you're able to snag Morgan to work with you.
- Matt Jaffe, CEO, Applause
Morgan’s ability to take complex product requirements and be a true design partner is a truly unique skill. It’s been transformative for our business.
- Jeremy Schiff, Founder & CEO, Recruitbot
Morgan took our product idea and helped us turn it into reality. Building an intuitive workflow tool requires someone who designs from first principles and with his depth of experience, Morgan was the perfect partner. With his help we went from 0 to a $13M valuation in less than a year with Craft leading our round and customers like Rippling, Verkada, and Ironclad that recognize and appreciate a well designed product.
– Keith Delaney, CEO, Primer